The war in Norborough draws the attention of powerful forces in the city. With the fate of the NPA hanging in the balance, Trey is presented with a difficult choice.

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Issue 2

After the events of the truce anniversary party, Dynasty-2000 is ready for all out war. Cap’s desire to preserve the peace creates a rift between him and Gunnny, and a last ditch effort to preserve the truce may prove to be disastrous for the NPA.

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Issue 1

An uneasy truce exists between the gangs of the city. NPA (the biggest gang in the city’s northern borough) has invited members of other gangs to their strong-hold to celebrate the anniversary of the truce. But old grudges threaten to destroy the peace.

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The armies of the streets wage war to control the urban jungle.

Rule the Streets is an epic fantasy told against the backdrop of the rise of hip-hop and the decay of the inner city.

It is a dangerous and violent time.The inner-city has been ignored and neglected for decades. Gangs control the streets and battle each other for power and influence. Only those with strength, willpower and cunning will be able to withstand the violence, intrigue and surprises the city has in store.

Only one can Rule the Streets.

Story and art by: Attiba Royster

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